Temporary Visas

Work Visa - NZ$1,250

Partnership Visa - NZ$1,250

Working Holiday Visa - NZ$600

Visitor Visa (General) - NZ$600

Visitor Visa (specific categories of visitor visas) - NZ$800

Student Visa - NZ$700

Dependent Child (Student Visa or Visitor Visa) - NZ$650

Residence Visas

Skilled Migrant Category - NZ$2,700

Partnership - NZ$2,100

Parent - NZ$2,300

Dependent Child - NZ$2,100

Residence from Work - NZ$2,700

2021 Residence Visa - Please enquire for a quote

Other Visas

Business - POA

Section 61 - POA

Assistance to companies

Company Accreditation - starting from NZ$1,800

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